Only God Saves

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Good morning!  Welcome to worship!  For your convenience, the order of worship is listed below the video.  Feel free to download and print a copy of the sermon notes and corporate prayers here.  Please feel free to send in any prayer requests.

Today we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.  Please be prepared with the elements before we begin so you can participate with the least interruption.

If the feed hasn’t started yet, you may need to refresh you browser at 10:00 AM to start the feed.  If you continue to have issues after 10:00, try checking on Facebook, even if you don’t have an account you will be able to watch.


    • Welcome, Announcements & Fellowship Greeting

    • Call to Worship

    • Praise Songs:

      • “Here I Am to Worship”
      • “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
    • Children’s Sermon

      • Tithes & Offerings

        • Doxology #625
        • Offertory:  Hymn #66 – “To God Be the Glory”
        • Prayer
      • Scripture Reading

        • New Testament:

          • Luke 1:67-79
          • Titus 3:1-11
          • Acts 4:5-12
      • Sermon Series:   “Devoted to Our Surpassingly Great God”

        • Sermon:  “Only God Saves”

      • Service of Holy Communion

        • Invitation
        • Words of Institution
        • The Nicene Creed
        • Prayer of Thanksgiving
        • The Lord’s Prayer
        • Confession of Sins and Assurance of Forgiveness
        • Distribution of Elements
        • Communion Prayer
      • Joys & Concerns

      • Hymn #306 – “Jesus Saves”

      • Benediction